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May 1, 2005
I purchased a 69 Mach with a 351 cj that was pulled from a 72 Torino. I was told it was bored .30 over,sonic tested, heads were reworked and made to breath. No compression numbers given. While looking through reciepts from the rebuild one reciept concerning cam work stated "Lift .516 .519 Duration .288 .290.Knowing that little bit, is that enough info for someone here to estimate the Horsepower range? Having driven a 70 m-coded Mach for eight years, to me this car launches like it must be somewhere north of 300 hp. Also what cubic inch would the engine be now?
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Thanks and excuse my awe

Thanks to you and your kind.You know who I mean.Those who see questions from novices like me and do not read to much into our ignorance and take the time to ease our pain.I have not had to ask too many dumb questions as searching the site will usually send me in the right direction. Usually I take too long to thank someone and another one of you pipes in and I end up thanking the wrong person but it really dosen't matter I guess.I "am" able to operate a 350 ton crane with a 300 plus foot stick so if you need me to drop a ricer into the Niagara Falls gorge I am here for you....Every Good Wish