Any one else have aproblem getting out of reverse?


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Oct 28, 2002
Tampa Bay
Just what it says in the subject. It's been going on for like a month now and its only reverse. Sometimes it does this and sometimes it slides smoothly out of reverse. Also does anyone know what might be wrong?
  • Sponsors (?) I can put all my force into trying to push it out of gear and it wont budge. Sometimes if I let out a little on the clutch or rev a little it helps, but its getting you think i bent a fork?
mine got stuck in reverse and it took me and my friend rocking it back and forth for 20 minutes before it loosend up. i never found out what it was but a few weeks later ford replaced the clutch. it hasnt happend since but it is hard to get into reverse every now and then. good luck
darn this is wierd cause mine is smooth going into reverse, but can't get it out, it sucks when you pull out of a spot and can't get it out of reverse and people are looking at you like wtf are you doin....anyone help me please?
No help here either, just letting you know youre not alone. BTW it does seem to happen IF im going like more than 10-15 ft in reverse, or if my im going too fast. I guess im saying that in my case, looks like too much of distance or speed in reverse makes mine do it!I Just dont know what "too much" is :nonono: Does any of this sound familiar?
mine is hard to get out of it. i'm always like wtf and cant get out of it. i know what help though. if you have enough space and your stuck in reverse try going back...back... and back and then it comes out. also if you r downhill or some thing and your in reverse just let the car go and push till it comes out believe me this help. but the hell is going on though. what can it be