Anyone else still have their window sticker?

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Jul 29, 2006
Monterey, CA
Still got mine after 1-week. I was surprised how unwilling they were to negotiate and no Ford rebates/incentives (for V8 Stangs), etc even though gas prices are at record highs - I guess people like me still love internal combustion, rumbling V8s too much to consider switching some golf cart-like hybrid.



Feb 9, 2003
Back in 2000, I had to drive 35 miles to work on a 2 lane hiway. I got 30 mph on a regular basis. Haven't really done the hiway thing in a while, but usually get between 20-2 in town. Probably would be better, but I drive her pretty hard.


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Mar 13, 2004
Dupont PA
Yeah i found my build sheet under my passenger seat. Ill snap a picture of it later if i can find the folder i shoved it in..


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Jun 4, 2001
Houston, TX
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Yes, I still have mine, but it is not in as good condition as yours. It was one of those that was firmly glued all over to the window, and I tried my best to dissolve the glue, but ended up with a bunch of little pieces. :mad:



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Aug 3, 2004
atl ga
jesus 11k? We paid about 15k back in the day,we should have paid around $21,293, but my dads friend owned the dealership and my grandpa was a ford engineer, A plan rocks!!!! I still have mine, it says the twotone option was $159.


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Jun 4, 2001
Houston, TX
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glowstang93 said:
It may not be in as good as shape, but man, talk about inflation. Your 5.0 in 87 cost less than my 2.3 in 93:bang:
LOL! It was the cheapest thing I could find, a 5.0 with AC as the only option. Just right for a poor married college student working full time. :D

And I didn't even pay sticker price. I got a $500 rebate and they inflated my trade several hundred dollars so I would have a 15% or so "down payment" to get the good interest rate back then. $251.75 a month!

I need to get one of the replica stickers made, just haven't had a chance.


Mar 18, 2003
I still have both of mine for my 01 Mustang GT and 02 V6 Mustang. They are both stored inside their own individual black zippered square leather case with the owner's manual that Ford gives out to all brand new Ford car buyers.


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Mar 28, 2002
Tampa, FL
Mustang5L5 said:
Wow, the 4-banger Mustangs got almost 30MPG on the highway??
When I checked a couple weeks ago, I was getting 30mpg around town in my 2.3 with 192,000 miles on the original engine.

Runs great, no accidents, everything works... $500... and getting 30mpg, it's a Pretty good investment for a daily driver / future project car, I'd say. :D

BTW, where could the Build Sheet be located? I doubt any of the previous owners have gone looking for it?


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Dec 28, 2005
columbus ohio
my dad still has the sticker from his 76 cobra... its locked in the safe. ill ask him if i can take a look at it later


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Dec 7, 2001
New Jersey
Somewhere I still have the window sticker from my 79 2.3 turbo car...that was before the 17-digit VIN number and when they only gave one fuel mileage rating...the 79 2.3 turbo hatchback with very few options ended up being like $6,xxx and got 18mpg
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