Anyone ever modify the headlight pull knob?


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Dec 28, 2006
I love the interior of the Mustang, except for the headlight knob. I hate driving a 2004 car that has a 1980s truck style headlight knob.

Are there any kits, or has anyone ever modified it to look more, well, modern? I searched but came up empty handed.

It's trivial, I know, but it bugs me. :)
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I think he means to replace it with a dial or button.

I haven't seen a kit to do that, but most dimmers switches just have a regular wire bundle running to them. You could get a switch you like, and wire them separately for parking/low beams, then get a little rheostat of your choosing for the dimmer switch.
Hey stephen, I thought I was on the wrong forum for a second..

So you want to completely change the switch style, not just replace the knob, right? I haven't seen any kits out there, I assume you searched...
I like the old fashioned pull knob, nice and simple - just needs some spicing up, like an MGW knob:



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Yeah, Foxes don't have pull switches, but I'll take the pull switch on my 02 over the dash mounted flipper that came on my 87 GT. The car was freakin brand new and I went through 3 switch modules in 3 years. Piece of **** design...