Anyone ever use-Water Outlet Restrictor kits???


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Feb 26, 2001
new york

has anyone ever removed there thermostat and replace it with a Moroso WATER OUTLET RESTRICTOR KIT????? They are like the small aluminum circular looking gaskets.....
Just finished my heads/cam swap and have the eelectric fan sensor in the thermostat housing-which when it opens up-It comes in contact with the sensor wreaking havoc, clicking, clanking making all sorts fo snoises through the Therm housing. Basically wanted to replace the T-stat with the restricor and be done and call it a day. i have the aftermarket Temp gauge in the other place on the manifold-So i cant use that spot for the fan sensor. guys any idea's???

Any aedvice would be great and appreciated!
Many Thanks-Anthony:flag:
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Hey Rick-

Why is that? only because im having major problems witht he mr. gasket & stant therm's, the sensor for the electric fan that resides in the FMS T-stat housing with the threaded insert is hitting the stat when it opnes making all kinds of funky noises.... I have no other place to reloacte and i need the sensor to run the fan, Im lost of thoughts???? when the stat is closed, no prb's, when its Hot and starts to open, a major PITA!!!!

hit me back-Anthony