Anyone have or heard of B-Quiet insulation?

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Definetively, for the price its a great insulation.
In fact, if I remember correctly, after reading the website Garner already posted, Fatmat was a little more durable than B-quiet

Sorry I don't want to jack your thread. Just getting the info out! :D
I bought 100 sq feet of the FATMAT and haven't installed it yet, it's still in the box. I've decided to use the spray in ceramic based stuff from Lizard Skin. I heard about Lizard Skin from :SNSign:
So anyone out there that wants 100 sq feet of FATMAT, with the install kit that came with it, I'll sell it to them. I paid $100.00. I'll sell it for the same amount.
Excellent stuff. I have had great results with their high-end products, both the B-quiet ultimate as well as the L-comp. The ultimate is quite durable, very sticky [doesn't fall off] and has good attenuation characteristics. The L-comp is a lead-based product...oops...just checked the site. They aren't selling it due to the high cost of lead...

Anyway, I have had superb results by using a 5 gal bucket of Quiet Car goop, 50 sq ft of B-quiet ultimate, and 8 sq ft of the lead product. Lots of added weight but awesome results.