Anyone ordered from Stage 3 Motorsports?

Looking at getting my LTs through them.

Stage 3 Motorsports 1996-04 Mustang GT BBK Long Tube Headers - Polished Ceramic

$40 cheaper than American Muscle

Also considering these for $511 shipped...

Emailed to verify they are 15410 ceramic and not chrome. Look legit? Their 800 number pans out and the feedback looks good to me.

Or should I just stick with American Muscle and pay the $570? $60 savings and 98.9% feedback. Any bad experiences?
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Jun 12, 2006
Palm Harbor, FL
PM AMNick, I believe we still get a 6% member discount, and you have to know how great AM is with their customer service and shipping speeds!

Either way, you def. will come out happy. LT's are my only bolt on I haven't purchased!