anyone used or heard anything about the new SCT/Trickflow tuner?


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Apr 26, 2010
Hea, my car is missing a little, and just not running right. Ive been told to get it dyno tuned now that its warm weather, however I dont have access to a dyno where I live so I hit the net researching hand held tuners. Been told SCT is really good so dug a little deeper and found out that Trick FLow has used an SCT tuner as a platform to create their own program for 2V's with their new heads and cams. I have their heads (44cc) and cams (228/230, .550 lift). Ultimatly my question is this: HAS ANYONE ON HERE USED OR KNOW SOMEONE THAT HAS USED THIS SCT/TFS PROGRAMMER?? If so what was the thought of the outcome?

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Doesnt sound like a different tuner. Just that Trick Flow used an SF3 from SCT to load their tune.
I have a SF3 handheld tuner. Dyno tuned by my local shop. Same deal. Its a custom dyno tune but you still have the user adjustability of the handheld flash device.