ATTN: 03/04 Cobra owners

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It isn't cheap!

I was driving a sedate F-150 Lariat 4x4 for about a year and the insurance is 40% more. But it comes with the terrriroty.

$1130 Per year, full coverage with elevated levels on everything.
I pay $618 for 6 mos with 100/300 stacked limits, also includes towing, medical, income loss, accidental death & funeral. Have a $500 deductable on the collision and ACV on comprehensive. 30 yr old female with multi-car and multi-policy discounts.

It's funny you ask because before I even went to look at the new Cobra in the showroom, I called and had them quote insurance. I knew once I saw the thing I would be hooked so I didn't want to disappoint myself. I think that premium is outstanding... I pay more for 1 car payment than I do for the 6 month insurance premium!!
I heard somewhere that someplaces wont even cover you. is this true?

When I first bought my '01 Cobra I got a letter from my insurance company (Erie) that said that they normally dont insure vehicles with a high HP to wieght ratio :shrug: . Can't remember for sure if I got the same letter for my '04 Cobra.

BTW, just over 1000/year for full coverage. 38 yr male, married with some tickets on my record, thanks to the '01.