AutoFab ///Motorsports Dyno Day Hosted by AAP


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Mar 27, 2006
When: Saturday April 15th 9am
Where: AutoFab ///Motorsports & AAP
Registration and Payment Opens : 8am

Here’s the deal. 3 Power Pulls for $50.00 US Dollars. We open the registration at 8am. You will pay your money and get to select your dyno slot. First car will be strapped and ready to do its pulls at 9am.

If you want early slots then pre-registration is available via Credit Card, Check or Cash that you can drop off and reserve a time. AAP has said it should be about 15 minutes per car for 3 pulls.

Cliff Notes – Come at 8am and pay your money and get a slot. It is First Come First Serve setup.

See you Saturday morning

-AutoFab Crew
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