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Aug 23, 2001
Westland, MI
I'm in the process of upgrading from my 28 spline stock axles and minispool to a steel full spool and 31 spline axles. I've got everything but the axles and c-clip eliminators so far. My question is, with all of the different setups of the 8.8, which axles can I use? Since I am using a spool, would it matter if I had axles from a 93 Mustang 8.8, or would they not even come close to working? I know there are some length differences in the axleshafts, I just don't know what years were what sizes. My assumption was that, since they can go deeper into the spool than they could go into a standard diff, then I could use just about any 8.8 31 spline axle. I'm not sure. Also, does anyone know if the abs ring will interfere with the c-clip eliminators? I don't have a tone ring on the differential, so I'm assuming they are on the axle ends on my car. Thanks!
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How about some axles from a 99 Explorer? I can get a pair of 31 spliners for dirt cheap from that. If they do fit, would they be worth putting in? Meaning, will they explode at the first launch on slicks?
1979-1993 8.8's - 29 3/16" axle lengths
1994-1998 8.8's - 29 31/32" axle lengths
1999-2004 8.8's - 30 11/16" axle lengths

The 1998 and earlier had shorter axles, and I wouldn't recommend trying to use them. Just get the 30 11/16" axles. I would prefer Strange axles over anyone else. Their 1550 and "Hy-Tuf" thru hardened axles are very strong.

If you plan on keeping the ABS functional, it is going to depend on how thick the c-clip eliminators are. "Normally" there is plenty of room between the outboard face of the eliminator and the inside surface of the ABS reluctor (exciter), but since the ABS reluctor (exciter) is pressed onto the axle shaft, sometimes they are not always pressed on in an equal length from the back of the axle flange. Make sense?

C-clip eliminators are generally specific to the axle you order so just verify that with whomever you order your spool and axle set from. I'm sure you already know this, but just make sure you get the 31 spline spool as well.

If you do not plan on reataining the ABS system, then just order the axles without the ABS reluctor (exciter) rings.

Be careful when you push in the axles to remove the factory axle c-clips, the ABS reluctor (exciter) ring can mistakenly be pushed into the ABS pickup sensor and damage it.