it's built for speed not longevity, woman
Dec 26, 2006
Thomasville, ga
hey guys i am needing a website or some info on where i can find black trim piece's for a 1990 coupe. i already have the door panels, carpet,head liner and seats now i need the A pillars, dash, kick panels, scuff gaurds and all the trim plastic that holds in the head liner and the back pieces on the inside of the 1/4 windows (the wall next to the back seats that big piece of plastic) the seat belts and there covers and the armrest for the door and console. come on guys all of you out there with black interiors i know some one can tell me where to get the stuff. and im NOT painting it. HaHa if anybody remembers that vert that was posted on here off ebay thats the reason im not painting it.
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