Ball joints, dealer says I need new lowers

CBus 06 GT

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Aug 29, 2006
Columbus, Ohio
So, took my '06 in for an oil change yesterday and the dealer does their total inspection and comes back with a list of things to consider. Since I've got 65k on the car, a few of the things were expected such as fuel filter and brake pads, but I was surprised to see that they recommend changing the lower ball joints too. This seems like a part that should last longer, but then again, I live in Ohio with heavy road salt and lots of potholes. Also, how hard to do this your self? Dealer want's $510 apiece to change :jaw: plus the alignment on top, so over $1100 total to get it done by them. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and I'm not afraid of renting tools at Autozone, etc... and giving it a go myself.
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It's a relatively straightforward diy project. It all depends on how bad they are and how solidified they are, with road grime salt etc. :p
Make sure you do one side at a time so you put it back together right. It definitely won't cost you 1100+ to diy :D
The reason the dealer is so expensive (besides the outrageous hourly labor) in this case is because the dealer is going to change the entire arm instead of pressing out /in a ball joint. At that price though you're better off getting a pair of GT-500 arms with stronger ball joints and better bushings, that is a good DIY job.
I have 45K on my 2007.....same problem. And out of warranty.

My dealer had the parts (new arms) for $329 each.

I talked to the service manager and told him my story about how I had the front upper strut TSB done and it never really felt "quiet" in the front since I've had the car. I mentioned the TSB for the LCA and ball joints.


Ford picked up the tab, except for $212 bux. That was the part I had to pay (tax included!) for them to replace the LCAs (with I believe, a better ball joint in place), labor and alignment.

The service write up guy told me that Ford gives dealers a certain amount of $ per quarter to help out customers who are out of warranty and perhaps need work done on a TSB issue (or something like that). Once the money is gone, they can't help you out (until they get more $ from Ford). I was lucky and they were able to help me out. He said you basically pay for 1/3 of whatever the total bill would be.

I can say this (finally)...that the front end of my car is FINALLY quiet! It's 2.5 years old and I've never heard it like this. It's not Honda quiet/solid, but it's very good.

It doesn't hurt to ask your dealer to see if they can help you out. They just might be able to.

Good luck.
There is a TSB about the crappy ball joints and yes they will change the entire arm. The new arm has a slighlty larger ball joint. The TSB if for GT500's also, so do NOT waste your money on them. Another option is to use the Steeda X5 ball joint but you must have 18" or larger wheels.