Bassani Race AB vs Borla stingers


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Jan 31, 2006
I've changed my mind like a 1000x now on exhaust but I am trying to do it right the first time.

So which is louder the Bassani race or the stingers. I've heard clips of both and kind of like the bassani better, but I want loud since I'm keeping the stock h. I'm leaning away from SLP, just too raw ad metallic sounding for me.

Also, how does magnapacks stack up to bassani/borla i terms of loudness and deepness thanks.

I'm still considering MAC too for the deepness.

The main thing I want is an axel back that is DEEP down low and SCREAMS at WOT. From the sound clips it sounds like bassani race mufflers do it best. I'm leaning strongly towards them.

BTW, the build date on my car was yesterday and the ship date is 3-13-06, so I'm researching hard now so I can have a axel back here ready to be installed when my car comes in.:)
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I think you are more confused than you think you are :rlaugh: I went with Borla-S. Waiting to get them FedEx as we speak. Have'nt heard a good comparison with the Bassani Race though. I see your delimma...
I currently have Bassani's x-pipe with cats and axle-backs on mine. I love the way they sound. Sounds awesome at start-up and idling, gets nice and loud when you punch it, and has considerable drone around 2k RPMS when cruising.

I have not heard Bassani's Race mufflers on an '05 GT. I called Bassani about their race mufflers and was told that they are very loud and considered for racing / off-road use only. I would love to hear what they sound like.