Before and After Pics

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EpiKk3 said:
I wouldn't know why anyone would get rid of tri-bars.. thats beyond me.. ;)
but definately looks good, it'll look a lot better lowered too :nice:

your more than welcome to buy the :D

i'm not sure if they make a 10.5 width,as these are actual ford racing rims...but maybe one of the replica companies may make them in that width..

i have to admit that i was never really a fan of the mach 1's at first...but as i was rim shopping,i thought they looked the best on the tirerack website on a black stang...and as i said i really wanted something different that i really liked...i was also considering '03 cobra's as well...but i haven't seen many sn95's w/ mach1's so that's what i went with....

thanx for the comments guys... :nice: