Belt for A/C and smog delete

Currently, I have a belt squeal coming from what i assume is the belt. I bought a belt for underdrive pulleys and a smog and ac bypass. Has anyone experienced any issues with the belt routing with the 2 bypasses? I did buy the steering pump re locator just in case. Should I do the underdrives right now and risk that clearance from from belt or wait till that delete re locator comes in?
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p/s in the stock location makes the pulley contact area small and close to pinching, if you delete both wait and use the p/s relocation brackets and reroute the belt so it goes from the crank to the alt.not the water pump to the alt.
You do not need a smog delete pulley, but you do need the kit that relocates the P/S pump up higher otherwise your belt will rub on itself.

The routing changes slightly.

Install your pullies and P/S pump relocation kit at the same time, and then wrap a string around with the above routing and measure to get your belt length.
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