Benefits of a dyno with SCT?


New Member
Feb 6, 2006
I read in another thread, someone telling the person to get a handheld tuner (SCT) and then dyno tune it. What are the benefits of that, if your 'stang is otherwise completely stock with just gears and exhaust (no headers)?
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You can adjust for gear changes and turn off rear O2 sensors with regards to gears and exhaust. Other than that I guess timing advance and tuning auto tranny shifts. Also you can read and clear error codes. Theres some other things such as air/fuel and coolant temp. Do a search for "xcal" and/or "predator" and you will get a feature list.
Yeah i agree with propellerhead. I dont know what kind of mods you have, but until you get to pretty much the same mods i have in my sig, you dont really need a tune or a hand held tuner. But they are handy to have!!

...speaking of which i need to buy one and get a tune!! :mad: grrrr.....