Best intake for 95 5.0

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IMO its not worth it for the big name CAI's. your just paying for the name when you can get the same thing on ebay for a lot less. The filter may not be the same but you can always purchase a K&N and swap just the filter and have the same thing
here i thought you mean intake as in upper/lower intake not cold air intake kit.

doesn't matter, they all do the same thing and give the same horsepower as long as the filter is in the fender
I have the $50 Ebay one. I had to do a few little "fixes" on it. (IAC sensor bung was too tall and the wrong thread pitch. Very simple to fix.) Other than that, it does the trick. I sanded it down, primed it, and painted it "underhood black". Looks like an OE part. ;)
ya ricers like to play with intakes, spending 300.00 for an AEM cold air intake that claims glad im out of that scene....but realistically they all function the same, homemade or ebay is what i would do as well...and it is likely the intake is not going to be a limiting factor in your power
I run a cheapo Ebay one also. Everything fit great. My IAC fit fine also. I didn't thread it in all the way but its in there and sticking into the pipe a lot so I am not worried about it to much. Just make sure its facing so it gets airflow.

I wouldn't spend 160+ on one with the ebay one is the same and 40$ shipped.
i like the afm power pipe for three reasons.

One it places the mass air meter in the fender well, enabling it to suck in cooler more dense air. Thus making it plausible that it makes a little more HP then the rest.

Two it is ceramic coated. Which battles the heat coming from the engine compartment making it so the cooler air coming into the inlet tube stays cool and doesn't heat up.

Three its made from quality materials. 4" mandrel bent steel tubing that is ceramic coated and polished inside and out. quality welds too.

I'm in the market for a new CAI too, and thses are some of the reasons that i am choosing to pony up the cash and getting a afm cai. hopefully helpful
well if you got the cash...go ahead and spend it lol...just realize that you could have spent the extra money on other parts lol....they all do the same function...i got a bbk for my 93 when i first bought the fine noticed no difference at all though...?
lol yeah i was gonna say you see claims of 15-20 i call totaly bs the only thing i noticed was the bling under the hood and on my 94 i want it totally bling-less thats why im looking into the c&l elbow.
yeah its mainly for looks, maybe 5 hp

It is my belief that under the best conditions like ........
cool air temps
mine shaft air

You will gain more than that IF you draw that "best air" from the fender
as opposed to
All that hot motor compartment air

Yes ... when it is hot ... not much of a gain to be had :bang:

Ebay setup here as well (for anyone else in the same situation as the OP). You'd think with the Ebay ones selling so damn cheap the big companies would at least drop some of the price of their units to stay competitive. And the Ebay ones are usually sold by companies with a gazillion positive feedbacks so no worries about them screwing you.

Oh, and I believe you guys were talking about the ACT (Air Charge Temp.) sensor being hard to thread in, not the IAC.