Best place to buy stuff that fits??


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Apr 11, 2005
I need to buy the dashpad, door panels, aluminum panels, kick panels, carpeting, etc, etc. I want to know from others what they got and where the best place to get it would be. I have been buying most of my stuff from Mustangs Unlimited and they have been great to deal with, but maybe the products they have for this part are not the best fitting ones. I am mostly concerned about the carpeting, dashpad and door panels. I have a 67 fastback. Thanks guys.

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I have yet to find any repro part that fits as well as the original Ford parts. I recently installed a Burton aluminum dash in my '68 and while the quality was outstanding, it required a little work to get the lenses to even fit in the dash! I often wonder why Ford parts that were made for a budget car like the Mustang were so superior to anything made today. I mean with 40 year newer technology, the parts should be much, much better. I could actually see daylight through my new headliner it was so thin, yet my original was thicker and stronger by far. But right now, there's not much of a choice available.