Best shock absorber for the dollar?

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I think that KYB Gas Adjust or KYB GR2 are both really good shocks for the money. I run the gas adjust on mine and I am really happy with them. Some prefer the GR2 because they aren't as stiff. I really don't think you can get a better shock for the price.
i have KYBs on three different cars and they are stiff and great for improved handling. I
would reccomend them to anyone with low budget and a desire to increase handling.
I have tried Koni's KYB and KYB GR2s. It all depends on how you have the car set up and what you want. I went soft on the spring rate and used the shock to stiffen it up a bit(KYB Gas) and it seems to be the perfect balance for a daily driver. Now if you already have high rate springs in the car and want a decent ride then go with the GR2. If ride quality is not important but performance is, then you have a choice from a bunch of builders. Koni's being the best for the money. QA1's are top of the line but bring your check book.
Side Note: QA1 is a customer of mine and I have seen the quality that goes into them. Top Notch! American made stuff.

I got QA1 single adjustable shocks from Summit Racing, with a 10% coupon code, price seemed reasonable for the quality. Sometimes CJ Pony Parts has specials and the price is fair for the set. My brother got his set there.