Best supercharger cam

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Nov 25, 2005
Northern VA
Anderson Ford has some really nice blower cams.

My friends car put down ~ 750rwhp with their #41 cam.
He is running a 347 w/ AFR 185's and a Procharger D-1 @ 19psi


Feb 28, 2006
Im looking at the Anderson Ford web site and I cant find the duration and lift of the b31 cam does anybody know and can I still pass smog?


Feb 28, 2006
I called Anderson Ford and he said that he could not tell me about the cam. I think im just going to go with the trickflow top end kit, then add a little boost. How are these trickflow kits with a supercharger?


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Oct 20, 2000
Newark ohio
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I have an Anderson N41 cam with a pretty basic H/C/I with a powerdyne making 8psi on a slipping belt, on meth injection now i should be damn close to 500rwhp. The H/C/I is edelbrock RPMS with 1.90 valves, and the N41 cam, and a typhoon intake.


Feb 28, 2006
Anderson ford said that I would not be able to get my car smog so that cam is out. Did anyone look at the link:shrug:
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