Billet Grilles...

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Shelby will be releasing the GT350H grilles in the next two months. Someone also needs to make a kit to either relocated the factory fog lamps or sell a relocation kit with smaller fog lamps. Does anyone know of any companies that have a kit with smaller fog lamps and a harness that you can use on the factory fog lamp harness. I really like the GT350H grille, but I don't want to loose my fig lamps.
Classic Design Concepts sells a GT 350 type grille already, but it eliminates the fog lights too, and it's very pricey for just the upper grille. it looks great, and these cars look awesome with billet grilles, but i don't want to give up the fog lights, and i don't want a cheap non fitting overlay grille on this car, it just don't look right to me. no offense to anyone who has/likes them, they are just not for me.