Bob White is looking for a 40th Anniv edition GT for reference


Mar 24, 2003
Dothan, AL
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OK. I'm sure most everyone has heard of Bob White Decals
He has had several requests for the racing stripes on the 40th Anniv Edition Mustangs, but the needs measurements. I tried to get some for him, but the local dealer only had a V6.
Anyone out there have a GT they'd be willing to measure, or better yet trace and send him the numbers?

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15 Year Member
Apr 1, 2004
Dunedin, FL
I've got Bob's on the back of my GT - quality stuff!
Curious though why he would have to dig around to find these measurements...I mean he is Licensed by FoMoCo isn't he? Doesn't he have some inside source?


Founding Member
Feb 11, 2002
I met bob in person when I bought some decals from him, hes a great guy and does quality work. I wish I had a 40th anny, I'd take the measurements, but mine isn't the 40th anny :(
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