bodywork help...


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Jan 27, 2007
i was just wondering if anyone could help me out. i am about to purchase a 93' fox hatchback gt. i am getting the car for a really good deal. motor runs strong and trans is great. the problem is that the car has some body damage. most of it is small like the front passenger fender...i can deal with that but my concern is the rear damage. it appears that the gt was hit in the rear...right at the corner on the drivers side, in the area just to the left of the taillight housing. i know that most panels on the fox simply come off and can be replaced but i'm not sure about this area. can it be repaired? is it worth the time? remember, i'm getting this car for a great price..the owner is in a financial bind. the damage looks fairly repairable but again...i'm not sure. the damage does not however go as far as to push in the fenderwell over the rear driver side tire. does anyone no about what i can expect to pay to have a body shop take care of this or if its even worth it.

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Just my 2 cents..........If the car is drivable I'd take it to a couple of shops and get some estimates. With out pictures and knowing where you live it would be hard to even take a wild guess. Labor rates and parts vary.