Brake rod to long


New Member
Jun 21, 2004
I am converting my car to a five speed but ran into a problem. I have manuel disk brake and only have a clutch pedal setup for a power brake setup. The push rod was bout 1 inch to long now. I have a few extras so i cut a bit out of one and welded it back together. It fits now put there is only about 1 inch of pedal play. Doesnt seem to safe to me. I s there another way i can correct this? :shrug:
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I'd just scrap the whole clutch linkage set up and buy a cable clutch conversion kit. Mustang Steve has a really nice one that you can install yourself since you know how to weld. Trust me, once you convert to a cable clutch you will never want to go back to a linkage set up again.
yellow94stanggt said:
I did the clutch cable conversion. But the brake rod is still to long since i have a power brake clutch pedal and manual brakes.

:doh: !!!!!! I was thinking about the clutch linkage bar! :doh: I think MustangsPlus sells adjustable push rods. I am not sure on the price though.
yellow94stanggt said:
Where from and how much do they cost?

About $40.00 from Mustangs Plus or Mustangs Unlimited. I just checked one of mine and it will adjust down to 6". If you have acces to a tap & die set, you could actually cuts some new threads on and make it about 5 1/4" with no problem. If you need anything shorter than 6", your master cylinder must be inside the car!