Brakes brakes and No brakes

Ok well im gonna do 1 more post to get some opinions here. To bring everyone up to speed.
1989 Mustang. I put 73 MM calipers, Russel Stainless lines front and back, Slotted rotors. Well i put all this on with my stock M/C and could not get pedal. So i was like maybe my master cyl just cant keep up with more volume. So i got a 93 cobra M/C. Still i have to pump it about 6-10 times to get a pedal...then let off the pedal and 10 seconds later push it again and goes to floor. SOOO i trailer the car to a old tech that is mainly a chevy guy and does some work in his spare time... Well lets put it this way...1 month later i have bought another 93 Cobra M/C and another caliper becuase 1 was leaking... And let me put it this way I trailered the car back to my parents garage yesterday.... At this point the car is about to be pushed into a lake. My current ideas. Im going to get to plugs and plug the master cyl. and make sure i get pedal. If i get pedal im going to see if i can hook up 1 line and and get pedal. Then i can narrow it down to front or back problem. Also if i narrow it down well im not sure what the problem could be besides maybe the brake lines. ?? I dont know anymore, i do know im never doing brakes again. Any ideas. OHH and let me answer these questions now... NO there are no leaks and yes the system has been bleed about 500 times and yes the M/C was bench bleed.

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