Buy new 2011+ mustang vs supercharged fox / newedge ?


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Sep 1, 2010
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And with all of that...its time to bring in this::dead:
Aren’t we actually beating live horses with a dead horse? Can we add an emoji for that or bench racing?
I like ECU, ABS and modules, until they do not work. Funny someone mentioned the HVAC actuators. The heater box has been replaced after ruining out a second actuator in my 2007 Merc, and I think there was a similar issue in my Ranger. There have been very little non preventative maintenance and regular service repairs needed to either. Based on that, if insurance agrees, I would not have a problem buying a S197 Mustang with a family member - if I could find one that is not beat like that dead horse! Too bad the back seats in Mustangs are basically useless in any one newer than 1993.

@Trickflo ate you still around? What did you pick, or are you still on the fence and driving a Prius? :cool:
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Feb 18, 2001
I've actually been casually looking for a 99-04 Saleen vert. This will accelerate next spring/summer when I finish building my fox.

It's just silly how low I've seen some S281's sell for. I don't think i'd lose any money buying one right now

New Edges have always had the best lines IMHO, and I might be biased since I did own a new 2003 GT
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