C/C Alignment....ideal numbers?

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Sep 19, 2000
Getting the damn thing aligned for the 1st time w/ C/C plates. From talking to the guys at MM, since I don't have a bumpsteer kit (yet) No more than 3° + caster...but what about the camber....as much as I can have? I need to know what to tell the guy working the machine what I want out of this.

My understanding is: set toe and drive ahead to factory specs, 3° + caster, & lots of - camber.

Yes, no?
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Understand, the more aggressive you go the quicker your tires will wear and in some instances your car will steer "jittery" for lack of a better word.
In my experience and with numerous tire manufacturers... more than 1.75" negative camber alone will show premature wear.
This is taking into account you have neutral castor and toe.