For Sale C&L 73mm Mass Air Meter w/ CL-101 and CL-097 sample tubes

Price: $80
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan
Model: 5.0 Mustangs w/ mass air
Description: I have a used 73mm C&L mass air meter with the stock (CL-101) and Orange CL-097 calibration tubes. This meter mounts on the stock bracket.
Year: 86-93 w/ stock/bigger injectors or 94-95 w/ bigger injectors

I suggest doing some searching to see what combinations this meter and the tubes will work for. I found some saying the CL-097 is for 94-95 and others say it will work for 86-93 w/ a conical air filter mounted on the meter. I also have the stock bracket if you need it - will throw it in for $15.


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