Cam choices! Help me decide!


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Jun 13, 2003
Okay I have a stock 79 5.0 motor. I am pretty sure I'm getting a crane energizer cam. I have these 3 choices. A 272 duration the part number on that at summit is crn-130052, theres a 284 duration the part number on that is crn-130062 and then there is a 278 durtion the part number on that is crn-130092. I'm unsure what would be best for my car. I just know I want the most possible power! You guys are always helpful so...suggestions? :shrug: :D
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Like 1badII said the smaller cam would be the best choice for a stock motor. The 130052 cam works best in the 2,000-5,000 rpm range so that means you will lose some bottom end torque.

For more information about selecting the proper cam for your driving conditions I would recommend calling Jeg's at 1-800-345-4545. Their tech service is the best around and they will stay on the phone with you to help select the proper parts instead of trying to just push a sale.
Of the 3 i would choose the 278 with your setup. Since you are using stock heads and such you might want to consider a split lift-split duration camshaft. I think that would give you the most for your money with your setup. Ford racing sells some

M-6250-A312 or M-6250-A311
76 COBRA II 302
.040 over, flat tops, ported/polished heads, cranecam 272 duration .484 lift, Erson full roller rockers, headman headers, edelbrock intake and carb 600 cfm, 3.40 trac-loc

Here is my set up this cam is in the 2000- 5000 range

I had the 266 with .469 lift its range was 1600-4000 this one seemed a little more responsive off idle although I changed to the edelbrock carb from a holley I liked the holley way much more. The holley would pull hard till shift time 4000 and no I don't have a stall convertor Either way you will still be pleased If you got some money to blow comp cams has some nice offset grinds to better vent the exhaust side (ie..... more duration on the exhaust side then the intake)
Crane has an Econo-power cam with the following:

(Econo-power uses same cam lobes as the Energizer Series)

Intake 216 at .050", 272 advertised, .484 lift, 107 intake center line

Exhaust 228 at .050", 284 advertised, .512 lift, 117 exhaust center line

I don't have the part number handy, but his cam worked well in a friends 1980 302 with stock heads, Edel Performer, Holley, header setup. Stock convertor and 3.50 gears (67 Mustang). It has a 112 lobe center angle that helps the vaccuum at idle. Had good driving manners. The nice part is the extra lift and duration on the exhaust side to help the poor exhaust port flow.
The most duration I'd go with stock heads is [email protected]"/[email protected]".
The II is very light, so it will be more forgiving for overcamming than a heavier car would be, and you may not need any higher stall converter at all.
I hope you have headers and a performance exhaust system on the car already. If not, you should install them when you do the cam swap.

On a side note, always use real terms (duration measured at .050") when dealing with the cam companies, because those advertised figures they try to give you are useless.