Cams on a 2000 GT

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Apr 20, 2003
A good brand is to go either with the VT or Comps. The only other thing you might want to change is the valve springs. Most people have good luck with the Comps springs. Just depends how radical you want to go. For a nice everyday cam and not really wanting to change the springs either go with the VT stage 1 or Comp 262AH. You will also need new sprockets since your are the press-on version ( 99-00 ). I know Comp Cams come with new bolts ( mine did ) but if not get some new ones. Be prepared to spend a good day doing. Just have patience and everything will workout pretty good.


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Oct 22, 2002
In my opinion, you probably want to take a look at the timing components also. When the front cover was pulled off my 2000 the guides were completely shot. Could have been a mess if it went undiscovered. Cams, spacers, bolts, sprockets, springs (with higher lift cams) and possibly lifters if you want to make sure everything is in good order.

VT makes great cams - billet cores rather than regrinds.


ProCharger GT

Jun 3, 2004
cams should cost you in the range of 500-600.. i'd reccomend the springs and retainers too..on my build, total cost for crower stage 3 blower cams, high rev springs + titanium retainers, L & R cam gears and hardware was a little over 1000. since you didnt post the current build up on the car it would be hard to say to go with a stage 1 or 2 cam. you dont want to go too big because you'll end up losing power but not to small either because then you wont get the maximum power out of the engine. good luck to you.
Well i rebuilt my motor not too long ago and just want to get some more power out of it before I start investing again.....I have most of the basic boltons: GMS Pro-m 90 MAF, 70mm TB, Off road H pipe, UD pulleys, about to put on a new plenum.....and might use my nitrous again


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Jul 29, 2002
Montreal , Quebec !
I just bought a set of SHM Stage II , I will get them later this week , I have a 2000 GT with the regular bolt on.

If I don't change my mind I should put them on next week , I don't think I'll have a tune or a dyno run right away but later this month I should.

I'll try to take some pics. while I do the install. :)