Camshaft, roller rockers, Valve springs??? what else???


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May 23, 2006
Hey guys. i am about to put a new camshaft and roller rockers in and i was wondering what else are needed, it is stock heads with high miles so do i need to replace the valve springs, retainers and push rods and lifters? Do i really have to replace all those or less?:shrug:

And where do i get the replacement valve springs and retainers? if you know where please let me know and the part #.

Cam is crane 2030

Roller rockers are B351's

Thanks :nice:
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Dec 29, 2001
Hollywood, are you doing the work yourself? If so, you'll need gaskets, fluids, and some special tools (harmonic puller and torque wrench, for example).
I pulled up Summit's page for the 2030 and over on the right are required and recommended parts. *edit* note the PDF at the bottom of the page.
You know it's kind of pointless to take stock heads to .544" lift, right?
Some would say to replace the water pump, timing chain, and balancer while it's all disassembled and accessible.
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