Can vaccum advance cause overheat?

I have a 65 fastback 289 .40 bored over. I have a 3 core '67 radiator with a Taurus electric fan. This can does not go over 180 degrees in bumper to bumper traffic during a sunny 98 degree weather with A/C on. However when I get on the expressway and and run 65 mph @ 3000 RPM my car overheats to 230 degrees.

I've done everthing with no significant results. I noticed a ping hear and there and decided to change the vaccum advance. Walah.... No more ping and best of all no overheating!!

can this be?
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The lack of advance was resulting in the timing being retarded too much at speed. That will cause it to run warmer. 230 degrees isn't overheated though.

What he said.

Timing problems can cause overheating. Also, overheating at speed can be a sign of poor coolant flow which could be caused by a blockage, colapsing hose, etc.