Can you help me fix my amp


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Aug 22, 2004
Jersey Shore
While I had my head unit out putting a shifter in I had the music playing and had reconnected my remote wire while it was playing and I heard a POP and smoke coming from inside my amp. Took it apart, found out what was wrong, replaced the part, the part was a IRFZ44N this is a pic of what it looks like

I resoldered it back in, hook everything back up and once I turn the power on a huge spark shoots out and I can faintly smell a little burn smell, nothing works, everytime I turn the power on the red protection? light would turn on for about 5 seconds then it would turn off. The first time the part blew one of the legs on that part was like gone and where it was going into the body was all burned up all around it......but this time after it made the spark everything still looks fine, weird thing is the spark came from the opposite side of where I put in the new part so it must have been another part the spark had come from. I can take some pics if it would help anyone out. I miss my system :( please help Sean D.
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