Can you tune with a PDA?


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Nov 29, 1999
So I was watching TV and see them tuning a Diesel truck with a PDA and its a Banks system. So do any tuning companys (ie SCT, Diablo, etc ) make a system that can be tuned and monitored on a PDA/Smartphone?
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HTC PPC 6800 that id like to interface it with. Needing a programmer for the tune is fine but for the PDA to switch tunes and moniter is what im looking for :nice:
Yeah and it cant interface with the Bluetooth on the Pioneer stereo/nav system :bang:
Smartphone my arse :fuss: BTW DONT do the firmware update to 3.5xxxx I forget. Keep the older 2.xx whatever cause the new one makes the thing reboot on several occasions :mad:
Yes there is software to do it from the laptop or PC. IDK if thoes could work running Windows Mobil 6 or not and if the program could be loaded into it or a memory card :shrug: