Car being Dyno'ed this week predictions??


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Mar 22, 2007
United States
I have a mod list that is just rediculously long, so I will start with the important stuff. Last spring I had the car on the dyno it made 576 hp and 499 tq with the following items:

Forged bottom end also bored and stroked to 5.0L
Novi 2000 with 2.9RR pulley and 6 rib belt set up Made 13#s of boost
C&L plenum and 70MM throttlebody
Stage 3 blower cams
Ported and polished heads
Anderson Motor sport power pipe
Cobra Tank and dual pumps
Kenne bell boost a pump
60lb injectors

This winter I changed the pulleys to an 8 rib
added P-51 intake
added Blue Oval fuel Rails
Changed the supercharger pulley to a 2.65RR
Got a 10% overdrive pulley

The dyno is a dyno jet and all numbers are rwhp and rwtq. So what do you guys think she'll do? Feedback is much appricated.:D
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646rwhp - 534rwtq

good luck!!!!!! you have an awsome set up. mine will be close to the same but im not taking it that far with the overdrive pulley.......i dont think. i will prob never run more then 20 psi. good luck to you though. i hope things all go well.
You will make way more power with turbo :nice: That's what I want to have someday in my car.

To each is his own I guess. I chose the novi, because it's something not many folks have, and because of where I worked at the time I got it at cost:nice: I don't think that I would be making tons more power with a turbo than I already am. At some point it stops becomming a street legal, perfect drivable, family toating car and turns into a drag car. I prefer to have a well rounded car for all occastions.
i think with her set up the novi is actually better suited than a huge turbo, although with a turbo you wouldn't need a new rib kit under drive system or deal with belt slip, you'd adjust the boost and/or change out the piping size to adjust where peak psi hits