Cervinis COBRA R Front Bumper- weak or strong?


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Apr 16, 2002
The title says it all....

According to the cervinis site the bumper "is felxible to curb impact", but i remember someone saying that the damn thing will crack on you on any bump ...
So whats the deal anyway?

"99-03 Mustang Cobra R Front Bumper, Part #362, Price: $399.00
The Cobra R Front Bumper sits approximately 4" off the ground. It's manufactured from urethane which makes is flexible to curb impact. The bumper installs to factory locations." -cervinis.com
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Its actually a very flexible bumper. I did have one crack on me and I have replaced it. It cracked because I didnt install the lower support braces. This keeps the bumper stable and the bolts then scrap instead of the bumper.

You have to go on angles alot of places if your lowered but it looks badass...


Cervini's makes awesome products. I've heard nothing but praise about the company. Also, urethane is very good, way better than fiberglass, because glass tends to crack a lot, where the urethane will flex.
Well, if one Ryan with a Cobra R bumper from Cervinis isnt enough for ya, make it two. I have one on my car, and i have yet to have any cracks. Its been about 7 months since i got it. Cervinis is top notch on fit and finish. :nice: Its scraped a lot, but the lower brackets are what scrapes, not the bumper (usually). My car is lowered so that whole 4 inch of clearance is out the window. For the most part, you go over every speed bump diagonal and youll be ok, even some parking lot entrances can be a pain, but i wouldnt trade the look for anything. See signature for a few pics of the car.

Ryan D.
God I love that body kit. I wish I could afford it. ($399.99 + Paint = alot of moola.) I need to get the basic bolt on then the bumper. Oh yeah :worship: :worship: Nice StAnG
Grossman that is a nice looking pony (hope to make mine look similar hehe) :nice:

RyanD i had to whipe my chin after seeing your ride :jester:

the only thing i didnt agree with was that black pannel in the back bwtween the taillights, other then that its gorgeous
Saleen schoops Razzi kit and cobra R front?

Very nice

One question
The Cervinis bumper is the whole piece like the one MarchinR found on ebay... right?

Or is that an addon like the steeda splitter?
Originally posted by Nuar:
RyanD i had to whipe my chin after seeing your ride

Thanks. Ive done a lot to that car, and I love it. I sometimes am told that i have done too much, others swear theres room for more. who knows.

But anyways, as far as Cervini's goes, their Cobra R bumper is a one piece that replaces the factory bumper. It is a perfect fit. Im not a big fan of the Steeda splitter that bolts on to the GT bumper. Its just personal taste though. Ive never talked to anyone that had one, so i cant comment on how well it fits. Just one small correction, the kit on the car is from Xenon on the sides and rear, not Razzi. If i recall, the Razzi kit is made for side exhaust?

Ryan D.
Late comment....

I know this thread is old - but I had the Cervinis "R" on my 01 and it was great - for about 6 months. As soon as it got cold I hit some minor bump and it cracked. Once it cracked it was all over - eventually it split all the way up the front and finally shattered into a bunch of pieces.
Also - due to it's large size (on the sides) and low clearance (on my 01 Bullitt) I could not find a shop that could get it onto a decent alignment rack and therefore wore out a set of PolePositions (that ran me about $450).

The car looked awesome - but it aint all about the look... Pics for those interested:

...the car is now back to a Cobra front end. And it has a 6psi Allen blower :)

I had to repair mine once, be advised, the front is going to be REALLY low.

I fabricated a set of steel supports for it, and now when it scrapes, I just smile, cause I know it's the steel tubing and not my paint/bumper scraping. Forget about going up any steep inclines or declines......
i had cervinis

stalker body kit for 98 mustang had the complete kit it was wonderfull i folded my fron bubmer in half put it in my trunk and took it to the paint booth and took it out of my trunk and it was still in one pice that how stong they make them i will definatly buy from cervinis in the future when i finish with my hp mods. :nice: