CHECK ENGINE light blinks during acceleration.


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May 26, 2005
I'm the original owner of a 1996 Mustang GT and...., while driving on the freeway/highway, I stepped on the gas pedal in order to pass the vehicle in front of me but during the acceleration process the CHECK ENGINE ligth started blinking for about 10 seconds.:shrug: then when back to normal. I checked engine oil and transmision fluid and everything is fine, on the normal range mark. I'm wondering what's going on??
This is the first time this it happens since I own the car. No more blinking light since then. Will appreciate your response and thank you very much in advance:nice:
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Not to sound rude.. Because I don't mean to at all,

But try the 4.6L forums... They will know alot more than us because it's a different engine and computer. They'd def. have better answers and be more willing to help.


Good luck with fixing your problem and thanks for stopping by!

hmm dont know much about 4.6l either but i had a 96 s10 and it said in the manual if the check engine light blinks it was a major driveline problem and if it comes on constant is was a sensor. dont know if it has any relation just thought i would let you know...i should have checked my code out because my s10 burnt to the ground and took the front of the garage with it. get the code checked.