1987 mustang…is there a spot for the check engine light?


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Feb 18, 2001
Quick question for 1987 owners. Does your tach have the spot for the CHeck engine light? Do you actually have the wording?

I know it’s present on my own 88, but wondering if it’s there on the 87s.

I’m making a video on enabling the CEL on 87-88 cars and want to verify some info first

Edit: I’m referring to v8 cars with the 7k tach
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
I can look through my stash of clusters later, :runaway:
be right back.
I have a couple E7 clusters and they have the cel spot, but those are for the 88 model correct?
They also have a spot for the air bag thought, they are the ones that are flat across the bottom. Could they have been planning for air bags that early? Or am I mixed up as usual?
I was going by the printed circuit board too, I didn't shine a light through, one had like a covering over the hole for the bulb. I will look more carefully again.
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Aug 14, 2000
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I've only owned one 87 but I'm pretty sure it was there just not wired... The 4cyl 87 had a working one but different tech face. That engine light and the others is one reason I like 90-93's so much more, they couldnt make that level ffs they had two put them at goofy angle.