Check engine light causes?

2013 Geee T

Founding Member
Sep 25, 2002
Oak Park, CA
While driving home today on the freeway in 30 degree weather with freezing rain my check engine light decided to come on.

Are there some common causes for that? Weather related?

Will disconnecting the battery possibly help?

Can Autozone check a code on a check engine light?

Will there be a 4th question?
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I really think it was because it was super cold out driving 70 on the freeway. The car didnt want to warm up the whole way home. The temp gauge is fine now and goes to normal. If it comes back Ill worry about it then but for now I keep my fingers crossed.
If the coolant temperature does not go up to normal for a while the light will come on... this normally happens if the thermostat is not closing tightly and let some cooland pass through the radiator... this thermostat failure is more evident on extreme cold weather...

I changed mine one month ago as it was taking too long to reach normal temp... Now it goes up in a few minutes...