Check out this 65 Fastback for over $75K!

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Founding Member
Sep 9, 2000
Antelope Valley, SoCal
That is actually one of the better overpriced cars I've seen on Ebay, but I dunno....I dont think I'd pay more than even the starting bid. There are ALOT of cars I could get between $75 and 100k. A down payment on an F40 comes to mind.....

I bet its fun as hell, though. :nice:


Mar 30, 2005
Memphis, TN
I think the whole car is done with little to no taste, other than the exterior. The guy went for a sleeper look on the outside, which is cool if that's what the theme of the car is, but yet he went with a look at me theory everywhere else. The engine compartment is fuggly; too many colors and too many wires and components visible. The same is true for the trunk; way too many wires and way too busy, IMO. The only cool thing I see about the car is his console treatment, which I had never seen before, however, I was also noting and thinking that I would prefer to have the shifter closer, while having the stereo mounted where his shifter is.
The door panels and roof are hideous IMO. You would think he could come up with something better than stock door pulls on his totally unimaginative custom door panels! I'm not impressed with either, if that's not obvious.
Don't get me wrong. If this was a member's car here, I wouldn't say these things, and I would consider it a decent DIY restomod. But, a $75,000 restomod? I'm sorry, I just don't see it. I've seen far better that the folks on this forum did themselves, yet I don't believe that their heads are so far up their posteriors that they would ask such a ludicrous price if they ever get ready to sell. Just my $.02.


New Member
Apr 14, 2004
Lafayette, LA
[/napoleon dynamite voice]Thats pretty much the worst deal of all time. [/napoleon dynamite voice]

i'm with 65up2d8... there seems to be no direction with what the guy was doing..and it was like, half of it is actually nice, but other parts are ugly and not executed very well. No way is that worth 75k :lol: thats the joke for the evening.


Founding Member
Jul 13, 2002
Austin TX
500hp from a NA 331? Not impossible but if it's true the idle quality must suck.

Although I wouldn;t pay that much I don't think it is a rip-off, I bet he has close to that much money into the thing.


New Member
Nov 2, 2003
Very nice parts list, but I don't like the "package" as a whole. Interior looks goofy, that's for sure. the crank. And you are right, it likely has a pretty choppy idle.

Cost...yeah, I can see him having that in it, especially if he paid someone to build it. And I hope that he gets $100,000 for it! I ALWAYS want to see huge prices for these cars. Just keep bidding them on up...makes my 65 sitting in the basement grow more valuable day-by-day!
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