Check out this show car that came into my work!


it doe snot
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Jan 26, 1999
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Back in feb. this car was brought into my work for service.. The guy who owned this car tried to tell us it was a show car.. In fact he was telling that to a female service writer he was trying to pick up. My cell phone camera sucks and I had to take these pics really quick before the customer noticed what i was doing.. Too bad I could not get a pic of him...

Undder the hood..

Check out the fine detail work on this valve cover


Another shot of the valve cover, yes there is red paint that is over spray from the plug wires he tried to paint.


A side veiw of the front, check out the painted rims.


Now a side veiw of the rear


these pics don't even show half of how bad this car was... The painted interior with paint drips all over the place, the holes that were cut to wire in light up washer nozzles or the hacked stereo and underbody lights..

Next time this car comes in I am going to get some pics with the shops digital camera
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The looser class :)

Are those rims painted with brake dust?

You should see how bad it looks in person.. Also in the pic the calipers and drums look solid red in person they are flaking and peeling

The next car I have to get pics of is the black 98 cobra that comes into my work with yellow japanese writing on it, sponser stickers from ricer compaines on the sides and a yellow painted dash... it also has a park bench wing on the back