Chip VS. Tuner

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Sep 22, 2003
Blue Springs, Mo
I know that the predator allows you to bump up the timing and fuel at set increments. (ie. 2% from 2k-4k RPM) etc...

I believe the chip can do everything the tuner can but much more in depth. (ie, set exact a/f ratios and such)

The chip would have to be dyno tuned to make changes whereas you can make changes yourself with the tuner.

I am planning on getting the predator :nice: You can get it for $299 + shipping from the Mach1registry. Do a search and you should find the thread.

edit: looks like there might be a GB for the predator at $275 getting ready to start.


New Member
Jan 29, 2004
I really wouldn't play with that stuff yourself, I've seen many people take perfectly fine vehicles and screw up the timing, a/f by tuning it themselves.

Go get a multi position chip like a Superchips one and get custom programs made.

I've programs for 87 octane, 91 octane and C12 unleaded race fuel.

This stuff should be done by a professional tuner. Don't waste your money, from what I've experienced when I'm with my tuner is fluctuations in A/F at 100rpm increments, nothing as vast as 1000rpm increments, I would have to say they're pretty much useless, if my tuner increased something by 5% over the 2000-3000 rpm rev range he would have made my running lean from 3500-3600rpm range 5% worse.

Save your $300 for a dyno session, that can usually get you 4 hours with a tuner on a dyno and your car will never run better. My car runs better with a Blower than it did stock.




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Feb 11, 2002
Heres the perfect solution. Buy a Tuner for $299, then goto a good mustang shop with a dyno and get them to dyno tune it with the tuner :p That might be what I'll do.