CJ Pony issues


Jun 24, 2017
Anyone having issues reaching CJ Pony? I wanted to order a new temp gauge hopefully to fix my not working gauge. I went to the web page to place the order and apparently CJ doesn't stock that gauge and said it would be 5-7 days before it shipped. So I called to see what that real situation was. I called them 14X yesterday. I waited on line, told them to call me back numerous times. Their phone system dropped my call each time somewhere along the process. So I placed the order off the web page hoping for the best. I got a confirmation email back saying CJ charged me for the dash screws but did not charge for the gauge. What does that mean? So I called them again today. First call I said call me back. The phone message said someone would call me back within 705 minutes. Really?! So I called back and waited on the phone. It said I had to wait 38 minutes. At 30 minutes it told me someone would be with me in 4 minutes. It did that several times. The last time it dropped my call. I waited on the phone for over 30 minutes to talk to someone and then it dropped my call. In the last two days CJ's phone system dropped my call 15 times! I guess I am waiting another 9 hours for them to call me back. I just want to know if I am going to get my temp gauge. Any one have a recommendation of another vendor that carries stock Ford temp gauges for a 1968 Mustang?
By the way I was going to post this in the CJ Pony Vendor page here but I don't have rights to do that. Hopefully someone at CJ will see this complaint. Oh and I did email them 3 times. No response.
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If it were me, I'd cancel the order and order elsewhere.

These companies who's focus has shifted to everything [but] servicing their customer is getting extremely old.
This has been going on for a couple months now. If you go on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cjponyparts/ there are multiple people complaining about no one answering the phone, waiting weeks for shipment confirmations, ect. They've posted on their page that they have been experiencing technical difficulties with their phone system and have been experiencing call volumes that are exceeding their capabilities and are trying to improve customer experience. They are asking people to contact them through e-mail at [email protected] for any customer service questions if you are not able to get through the phone (I know you said you e-mailed already, just not sure what address you sent it too).

Not making excuses for them, just passing along the information they have posted. They are located about 30 miles northwest of me and have been great people to deal with in the past (in person), but something's up right now.

I can attest to the issues with manufacturer and supplier chains and how difficult it has been to get materials and components in during this whole pandemic, especially in PA where our governor basically shut the entire state down for 4+ months (we are just now "re-opening"). What used to take a couple days and one e-mail to get stuff shipped has been taking 2-4 weeks and multiple contacts just to get information from manufacturers and shippers. I could see how this would drastically effect businesses where their whole business is to receive product and ship.
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Sounds like they are having computer phone system issues. That doesn't mean you aren't getting your stuff though, if the website says 5-6 days before shipping...that is most likely what it is, it means they are expecting a re stock within that time frame(this does not mean that the truck they are waiting for will get there on time, its just when they are expecting that truck in....I work in the logistics business, if a truck is coming from CA heading to the eastern part of the US somewhere....it usually takes 5 or 6 BUSINESS DAYS for the truck to get there(or vice versa, but chances are whatever you ordered is coming from CA since they have most of the ports). That is for normal times....in addition to usual freight times, anything coming out of CA is further delayed because of COVID-19. I have never had any problems with CJ, they ship as fast as they can in general, however there are many people who think they are the devil for some reason, personally we would be far worse off without them if you ask me, every time a vendor goes under, its only enthusiasts that are hurt.
I did get a response to my email from Aaron Campbell. I got an update this week saying they are expecting the part to show up on their end on 7/20. I ordered some new dash screws to the instrument panel. I got those very quickly but no temp gauge. I totally agree. I have purchased a lot of parts from CJ over the years. I did do a search for that temp gauge and few other vendors offer that part. Right, if CJ doesn't survive this we all lose. I was saddened to hear that most restaurants are not going to survive this.