Clutch/Pressure Plate/Flywheel ?


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Aug 25, 2002
Richmond, VA
I have a lightened, turned, and balanced flywheel for the 86 turbo engine but can I use any of the other n/a clutch components for now? A guy at work will help me and said it will only take about 2 hours to swap in a new turbo PP and Clutch. I just wanna see if it will work or do I need to wait (again) to get the money for the turbo stuff?
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Asha'man said:
Match them up - I don't think they'll fit, though.

I didn't have any luck When I tried the same exact thing.
Also if you use the turbo flywheel you have to use the turbo clutch and if you use an N/A flywheel you have to use an N/A clutch. The surfaces and discs are different sizes.