Cobra guys (or GT guys w/Cobra brakes)

Joe 5.0

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Feb 1, 2002
Macomb, MI (metro detroit)
What do you use for front skinnys? I dont really want to run a huge spacer or put new studs on.

here's what I've come up with so far:

1. Pair of tri-bars with 205/50/17's. This would still drop prob 10-15lbs off my current front setup and be ALOT narrower.

2. Buy another spare & run 26x4.5x17 M&H front runners. They'd be hella light, but are the spares strong enough to run 125mph safely?

3. 15x4 Diamond wheels (steel 20lbs) and 165R Kuhmo tires. Would have to run a 1.25" hubcentric spacer. Only speed rated to like 120mph.

4. 15" draglites & 165R Kuhmo's. A lil lighter, but even harder to fit over the brakes.


I have 26x11.5x16 ET streets going on the back, if that matters.
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They do make 17in skinnies now...pricy but if you dont want to run spacers and a dedicated drag skinny thats really the only "drag skinny" option.

I would do the front runners on another spare while saving for a 17in skinny...and inspect the spare skinny very often. Maybe like buy a rim a year or something :shrug:

TTII's are HEAVY and that is why with the pro-stars I have...I just went with the 99+ swap in front with better pads. They are not cobra brakes but I am also confident if I want to ditch the 7/16ths spacer I could grind the caliper enough to fit the skinnies to fit without them.
Yeah but the spare is only 4" wide, so it cant fit the typical sizes sold in regular street tires.

And yeah I'm sure the 9.5" fronts and 275's are hurting my 1/4 times a bit. I need all the weight transfer I can get with the stiff springs on the car.