cobra looking for 500hp at the tires

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Complete swap meaning.....Heads, Fuel injectors, fuel pumps? Most guys with the eaton S/C at 2.8 make about 450 RWHP

Not sure what a 2.7 on yours does...any RWHP numbers now?

If not done could add Aluminum Flywheel and drive shaft to free up some HP??- Not a ton though

Ported Heads? Less restrictive exhaust? Throttle body(maybe);
has anyone on here put cams in with a stock eaton or a ported one such as the one on my car.
the full swap in my car is that motor tran.s rear end gage cluster computer gas tank brakes front seats I did it all.
I know its fast I walked on a 435whp 06 sti. The guy in the sexually transmitted infection said it was the biggest sleeper he had ever raced. He has a race gas tune where he make close to 500hp and I know of a zo6 with gears full exhaust intake and a 150shot. Both want to play and both are no problem to beat as long as the vett is not on the bottle and the sti ya no chance when he is putting down that power.
I don't really want to spray its to much $ in the long run.
OK if a buddy comes threw I am getting long tubes x pipe mil's and a heat exchanger