Cobra Rims center caps


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May 31, 2003
does anyone know where I can get vinyl center caps for 03 cobra rims with the pony on it. I got some from a website that say GT but was wondering if there are some sold that look like these

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do those just stick on?? they look like they come out a little...also are they fitted for the 03 cobra rims centers cuz they say they are 2.5 in across i thought the 03 rim was 3 in across

also mpcv2000 did u take off teh svt ones or did u just stick em on top of those?

stallion Ill post some in this thread as soon as the weather gets a lil bettet :nice:
NewbStang said:
how do you get teh old svt center caps out?

Take off the wheel and they just pop off from the inside-out.

I bought them from a Ford dealer, I just told them I wanted the center caps for a 03 cobra wheel with the running pony. They were like $25 a piece though... :(

But, I didn't want the SVT caps on my GT and there were none on ebay at the time.
MustangLife said:
While we are at it. Do you need longer wheel studs to fit the 17x10.5 wheels in the rear or is the factory wheel studs long enough.


Nop ! It does fit right there , no modification what so ever , the 10.5" AFS wheels is very deep where the studs goes so it is like the stock wheels !