Confounded Steering issue?


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Apr 23, 2004
Wassup and thanks in advance!

First, I checked Oreilly's and Autozone to verify the fitments. Both my 86 and my 91 use the exact same part numbers for the rack & pinion and outer tie rods.

I have a new rack and tie rods on my 86 that I am parting out. Both my 86 and my 91 had racks on them and the tires were straight. I took the new rack off my 86 to put on my 91 and it went smooth, after I put my wheels on, I noticed that now my left wheel is turned in a lot while the right one is straight. Doesn't look like I will have enough threads to get them both straight but I have not tried yet. I will try later.

My question is why in the world is there such a huge difference between the 2 cars when they were both straight to start with? Any theories? Sound like anything dangerous? Does the 91 have a wider track?

Thanks again,

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