control arm bushings?

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Front or rear control arm bushings? I haven't done the fronts but I have done the rears when replacing my upper and lower control arms. The lower control arms were easy. The upper control arm bushings were a major PITA.
Yup, heat 'em up with a torch, use a bar or visegrips or something to pull 'em out. Watch out for the melted rubber that's gonna spray everywhere, and do it outdoors because it's gonna stink to high heaven. Don't forget to tap the sleeves and install grease fittings on them.
I read on one of the forums that there is actually a tool that will remove the UCA bushings. If I knew it was going to take me 4 hrs to take them out I would have bought the tool. I used drill, wire brush, drum sander, and torch to get the bushings out and clean them. I'm glad its done now but wouldn't want to do it again.